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Michelle is a board certified bariatric counselor, a member of the American Bariatric Advisory Board, EFT certified (Level 2), DBT board certified, and a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with a doctorate degree in psychology (Psy.D) and is a psychotherapist in San Luis Obispo. She offers over 25 years of experience in clinical practice helping adolescents, adults, and the elderly who struggle with emotional and psychological pain. Having lived in the USA, UK, Brazil, and Australia, Michelle has worked in diverse social and ethnic environments which has afforded her the opportunity to gain cultural competency. In addition, Michelle has taught health psychology and stress management courses. Her professional experience includes publications, speaking engagements, and serving as the Forum Chair for a committee responsible for providing training for mental health practitioners in a rural community in the UK. Michelle is also a featured author on


Her office is located on Marsh Street, one mile from Cal Poly.

Michelle's approach to psychotherapy is to practice flexibility by adapting her style and treatment strategies based on the unique presentation of each individual. Each of Michelle's clients are understood from a holistic perspective. This means Michelle considers the distinct physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual (non religious) interactions that occur for each of her clients and links them to techniques and theoretical frameworks. Her training and research interest often incorporate an integrated therapeutic approach that is associated with a direction that works best for her clients. If a client desires, Michelle can use creative innovational techniques such as role playing, working with clay, and mindfulness training to implement the practical application of psychological theories.

Michelle helps clients learn self-compassion for what they have endured. Her philosophy in psychotherapy is to progress her clients beyond survival, move them forward through a recovery process, and guide them towards a meaningful life that is client defined. 

Teletherapy can be arranged when clinically appropriate.

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