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Treatment specialties



Acceptance & Commitment Therapy for chronic pain


Adult children of alcoholics

Stress management

Diabetic mental health distress (1]

Relationship problems

Compulsive eating

Pre-operative bariatric surgical evaluations

Post bariatric surgery support {2]

Spinal cord stimulator implant evaluations


Life transitions

  • Adjusting to college

  • Balancing career and relationships

  • Unsatisfying retirement [3]

  • Loss of health

  • Aging

  • Relationship changes

  • Pet loss

[1] Address emotional issues that lead to poor glycemic control and less self-care.

[2] Designed to help clients with emotional issues that lead to poor follow-up of new eating practices.

[3] Examine and change behaviors that contribute to issues such as loneliness, loss of identity, sadness, and apprehension about the future.

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