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Why go to therapy?

People decide to seek therapy for many reasons. One common denominator is suffering. Two examples of suffering are feeling detached from life rather than living life, or reacting intensely to what seems like every-day life events. Mental distress comes in many forms. Anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, loss of vibrancy, loss of creativity, and depression are some manifestations of how the body and mind might react to mental distress.  Recent neuroscience research using brain imaging reveals that psychotherapy can reduce hyperactivity in areas of the brain that are involved with fear, anxiety, and repetitive self-defamation. Psychotherapy can help you learn to manage distress differently, move through major life changes, and understand yourself beyond the symptoms you experience.


I am committed to working together to improve the quality of your life by providing excellence in delivery of customized psychological services for best possible treatment outcomes.

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